CHEST 2016: Let’s play some GAMEs!

October 22, 2016 by Vanessa Claude

Did you love video games or the arcade as a kid? We’ve got great games you can play at CHEST 2016 based on relevant clinical topics. As part of the Simulation Center, GAMEs (Games Augmenting Medical Education) will be available to experience the complexity of the real world within a simulated environment while improving your medical education. If you’ve attended CHEST before, some of your favorites, like Whack-a-Doc, are back! There will be nine arcade style and tabletop games, as well as two live games. Here are your options of arcade GAMEs to play:


Whack-a-DOC (COPD)

See if your hand-eye coordination is up to par! Under time pressure, players are presented with three “facts” about COPD diagnosis and/or management. Players must “whack” (select) the wrong one. If they do not, or if they do not do so within the time allotted, an alarm sounds and they must try again.
Supported in part by an independent educational grant from AstraZeneca LP, an educational grant from GlaxoSmithKline, and an independent medical education grant from Mylan Specialty L.P.

PacmanPhingo (PAH), Phamily Pheud (PAH), and PACman (PAH)

Test your knowledge in pulmonary hypertension through these interactive screen-based games. PHingo is a fun take on BINGO, and PHamily PHeud is a computer game adoption of Family Feud, where you can test your knowledge of PAH. PACman is the Pulmonary Arterial Catheter Man, an interactive hands-on simulator that allows you to place an actual Swan-Ganz catheter in a simulator and answer questions based on where you are at in the insertion process and see how the patient reacts through patient monitoring, fluoroscopy imaging, and p-wave monitoring. Come on by and improve your knowledge and skills in PAH.
Supported by an independent educational program from Gilead Sciences, Inc.


How quick can you move? In this game, a standardized foreign body is dropped into a low-fidelity simulator by a CHEST staff member, who then keeps time. The player has up to 7 minutes to find and remove the foreign body using flexible bronchoscopy. Subsequent players then try to bump their competitors off of the leaderboard with faster and faster times. You can also play for a chance to win an iPad.

Pulm adventuresPulmonary Adventures

There are three versions of this exciting game. Each consists of several real “unknown” cases representing common or life-threatening scenarios that patients present with to the pulmonologist. First, an image is displayed (chest radiograph, CT scan, or both). The player may then select to receive the patient history and/or get advice from a chest radiologist at that time or move on. Additional information is then provided. Ultimately, players must select the “next best step” in diagnosis or management.

Sound Dx

Sound Dx is an ultrasound simulator designed to introduce and/or reinforce ultrasonography findings for common and/or life-threatening pulmonary and critical care conditions. The game console is complete with a torso, video monitors, and an ultrasound “probe.” After a prerecorded tutorial from an expert clinician is played, the clinical history of a real patient is briefly presented on screen. The player then places the probe on the torso, which triggers a looping video image of pathologic findings. The player then answers multiple-choice questions, receives feedback with teaching points, and can then move onto another case from our growing library.

Live GAMEs available:

Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure is an audience interactive game that will be played during the morning and afternoon breaks​ ​in the back of the Exhibit Hall on the left.​ ​You can​​ ​play against your peers for fun and for prizes such as discounts to the bookstore and even a daily drawing for an iPad.

CF Incentives Spirometer

CF Incentives Spirometer will be played during the morning breaks in the back of the Exhibit Hall on the left. Random players will be ​drawn from the audience to play this exciting game show focusing on cystic fibrosis. Players will have a chance to win a variety of prizes, and risk their prize at each level for an even more exciting prize, leading up to an iPad during every game play.
Supported by an independent educational program from Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Check out these GAMEs in the Breezeway, by the Compass Cafe, in the Convention Center. For dates and times, please refer to the Exhibit Hall schedule in the CHEST Events app.

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