Meet Jennifer Brooks, Radiology Technician at Jackson Pulmonary

May 22, 2017 by CHEST Guest Writer

Jackson Pulmonary has emphasized team-focused patient care in their namesake Mississippi city since 1983. The team is attending CHEST 2017 in October and we’re highlighting each team member’s reasons for attending throughout the month of May.

Meet Jennifer Brooks, a radiology technician on Jackson Pulmonary’s team.

Jennifer Brooks, RT(R)Name:

Jennifer Brooks, RT(R)


Site Supervisor, Radiology Technician


Hinds Community College

What are your takeaways from past CHEST Annual Meetings?

Attending CHEST helped me gain a more in depth view of the different disease processes that we treat every day.

How did attending CHEST improve your patient care?

I really feel like CHEST improved the way that I approach patient care because I now understand these diseases more completely, such as how patients with these illnesses perform the most basic daily living tasks and the signs/symptoms associated with them.

What are you looking forward to at CHEST 2017?

I am very excited that the focus will be on the entire health-care team. I believe that this will help shine a light on all of the important “ground work” that goes into treating patients. At Jackson Pulmonary, we truly work as a complete team in order to treat the amount of patients that we see.

In your view, why is team-focused health-care important?

I think that the most obvious answer is efficiency. We are challenged with treating a large volume of patients daily. It takes every aspect of the clinic functioning as a team unit in order to deliver the proper care in a timely manner. We never want the patients to feel any of the anxiety that we feel on those large clinic days.

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