Meet Wes Pierce, Clinical Pharmacy Coordinator at Jackson Pulmonary

May 26, 2017 by CHEST Guest Writer

Jackson Pulmonary has emphasized team-focused patient care in their namesake Mississippi city since 1983. The team is attending CHEST 2017 in October and we’re highlighting each team member’s reasons for attending throughout the month of May.

Meet Wes Pierce, Clinical Pharmacy Coordinator on Jackson Pulmonary’s team.

Wes Pierce, PharmDName:

Wes Pierce, PharmD


Clinical Pharmacy Coordinator


Doctor of Philosophy, Pharmacy – University of Mississippi

What are your takeaways from past CHEST Annual Meetings?

I have yet to attend a CHEST conference in person.

How did attending CHEST improve your patient care?

Being an avid follower of CHEST and its prominent members through Twitter has allowed me to access incredibly useful clinical pearls; best practice updates; and notable publications, guidelines, and clinical research. Live tweeting by CHEST and its members has also allowed me to “attend” these conference in a virtual manner, which has inspired me to pledge full membership and attend CHEST conferences in person.

What are you looking forward to at CHEST 2017?

I’m mainly looking for a new professional home. As a critical care pharmacist and nonphysician clinician, the relevant options for professional memberships are somewhat limited to a few institutions such as the American College of Clinical Pharmacy and Society of Critical Care Medicine, both of which are already saturated with advanced practice pharmacists.

I wanted to find an organization that valued multidisciplinary approaches to patient care and provided unique programming, training, and leadership opportunities for nonphysicians. I am eager to discover what I can offer CHEST through membership, service, and potential leadership, and I am excited to experience what CHEST can offer me in the form of professional growth.

In your view, why is team-focused health-care important?

First and foremost, team-focused health care is important because almost every conceivable application of this concept has demonstrated improved patient outcomes. Further, these improved patient outcomes are often achieved at reduced costs and resource utilization. The evidence base aside, I find team-centered care important personally because it is this aspect of my job that I find most rewarding and satisfying.

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