Top 5 Experiences at CHEST 2017

November 21, 2017 by Vanessa Claude

1. Simulation Center

It’s amazing: The entire process from planning in Glenview, coordinating how the sessions will run, what the layout will be at the convention center, packing, arrival at the location, and then the actual kick-off. It’s great to see the interaction between faculty and attendees during the sessions—the faculty enacting real-life scenarios, specifically, truly engages the learner. The ECMO sessions were popular, but the two cadaver courses were the biggest hits. They sold out well in advance to the start of the conference.

2. The Toronto skyline made out of cards

Every day in the CHEST Exhibit Hall, one of our exhibitors brought a very talented man who would build the Toronto skyline out of decks of playing cards. Not only did he rebuild the skyline every day, he did it with a brand new deck of cards each time! You can see snippets of this amazing feat in the videos below.



3. Lung Health Experience in Phillips Square

On Saturday, October 28, the CHEST Foundation held their fifth Lung Health Experience in Toronto, helping kick off CHEST 2017. The Lung Health Experience brings local respiratory therapists and leading lung health experts to the public in a fun and inviting, carnival-like atmosphere. Even though the weather wasn’t the clearest and brightest, the CHEST Foundation’s now Immediate-Past President, Mike Nelson, MD, FCCP, and CHEST’s Andrew Gillen, showed they were still having a great time! Watch the video below to see how much fun they were having.


4. CHEST Store CHEST 2017 store

For the second year, the CHEST Store was in Experience CHEST, and we brought a lot of new CHEST-branded merch’. If you were looking for a CHEST 2017 souvenir, the CHEST Store is where you’d find it. New merchandise included our most popular item, hockey pucks made in Canada with the CHEST 2017 logo; plush puppies wearing a CHEST T-shirt; CHEST-branded argyle socks; a scarf and a neck tie in CHEST colors; and more!

5. Teamwork makes the dream work Twitter chat

On Monday, October 30, CHEST continued the tradition of including a #pulmCC Twitter chat during the annual meeting. Some of our top social media influencers were able to attend, along with others attending electronically online. And since everyone was in the Halloween spirit, we decided to be our own Snapchat filters. Take a look!

2017 twitter chat

If you missed out on joining in on the chat, check out the Storify that includes a transcript and highlights of the Twitter chat.


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