Award Winners at CHEST 2017

December 19, 2017 by Vanessa Claude

CHEST 2017 may be over, but congratulations are still in order for our award winners:

CHEST 2017 Awards

  • College Medalist Award – Sidney Braman, MD, Master FCCP
  • Distinguished Service Award – Nancy Collop, MD, FCCP
  • Master FCCP – Suhail Raoof, MD, Master FCCP
  • Master FCCP – Sidney Braman, MD, Master FCCP
  • Early Career Clinician Educator – Septimiu Murgu, MD, FCCP
  • Master Clinician Educator – Stephanie Levine, MD, FCCP
  • Presidential Citation – Sanjeev Mehta, MD, FCCP
  • Presidential Citation – Lisa Moores, MD, FCCP
  • Alfred Soffer Award for Editorial Excellence – Christopher Carroll, MD, FCCP & Deep Ramachandran, MBBS

2017 Honor & Memorial Awards Committee Selections

  • Thomas L. Petty, MD, Master FCCP Memorial Lecture – Gerard Criner, MD, FCCP
  • Margaret Pfrommer Memorial Lecture in Long-term Mechanical Ventilation – Audrey King
  • Distinguished Scientist Honor Lecture in Cardiopulmonary Physiology – Virend Somers, MD, PhD, FCCP
  • Pasquale Ciaglia Memorial Lecture in Interventional Medicine – Carla Lamb, MD, FCCP
  • Roger C. Bone Memorial Lecture in Critical Care – Gordon Rubenfeld, MD, MSc
  • Edward C. Rosenow III, MD, Master FCCP/Master Teacher Honor Lecture – Atul Mehta, MBBS, FCCP
  • Murray Kornfeld Memorial Founders Lecture – Antonio Torres, MD, PhD, FCCP

Alfred Soffer Research Award Winners

This award is named in honor of Dr. Alfred Soffer, Master Fellow of the College, Editor in Chief of the journal CHEST from 1968 to 1993, and Executive Director for CHEST from 1969 to 1992. The Alfred Soffer Research Award is granted to CHEST 2017 abstract presenters for their outstanding original research.

  • Marcos Restrepo, MD, MSc, FCCP – $500 winner
  • Michael Perkins, MD – $500 winner

Young Investigator Award Winners

The Young Investigator Award is open to CHEST abstract presenters enrolled in a training or fellowship program or have completed a fellowship program within 5 years prior to CHEST 2017. Semifinalists were evaluated on the basis of their written abstract and their presentation at CHEST 2017.

  • Adam Przebinda, MD: Analysis of a Hospital-based Multimodal Quality Improvement Intervention to Improve Recognition and Treatment of Sepsis – $500 winner
  • Roozehra Khan, DO, FCCP: Growth in Social Media & Live-Tweeting at Major Critical Care Conferences: Twitter Analysis of Past 4 Years – $500 winner

Top 5 Slide Award Winners

Top 5 Slide Semifinalists were evaluated on their written abstract and quality of their presentation during CHEST 2017. The Top 3 slide winners, based on the grade received during their presentation, will receive $250. All other semifinalists will receive $100. All categories were eligible.

  • Jonathan Corren, MD – $250 winner
  • Aaron B. Holley, MD, FCCP – $250 winner
  • Anil Vachani, MD, FCCP – $250 winner
  • Abhishek Mishra, MD – $100 winner
  • David E. Ost, MD, MPH, FCCP – $100 winner

Case Report Slide Winners

  • Critical Care 1: Christian Castaneda, MD
  • Critical Care 2: Amin Pasha, MD, MBBS
  • Critical Care 3: Anish Geevarghese, MD
  • Critical Care 4: Lana Alghothani, MD
  • Diffuse Lung Disease: Lucian Marts, MD
  • Lung Infections 1: Fuad Aleskerov, MD
  • Lung Infections 2: Stephen Doyle, DO, MBA
  • Lung Infections 3: Justin Chiam, MBBS
  • Student/Resident Lung Cancer: Taylor Myers, MD
  • Student/Resident Chest Infections: Julio Huapaya, MD
  • Disorders of the Pleura: Catherine Millender, MD
  • Student/Resident Lung Pathology: Andrew Lewis, DO
  • Lung Cancer 1: Fady Youssef, MD
  • Lung Cancer 2: Kevin Charles, MD
  • Lung Cancer 3: Stephanie Guo, MD
  • Miscellaneous: Audra Fuller, MD
  • Pulmonary Manifestations of Systemic Disease: Aaron Lampkin, MD
  • Student/Resident Cardiovascular Disease: Tyler Church, MD
  • Student/Resident Critical Care: Ki-Yoon Kim, MD
  • Pulmonary Vascular Disease: Nicole Ruopp, MD

CHEST Challenge Winners

San Antonio Military Medical Center

  • David Anderson, DO
  • Paul Hiles, MD, BSc
  • Tyson Sjulin, DO

NetWorks Challenge Winners

  • First Round : Home-Based Mechanical Ventilation and Neuromuscular Disease NetWork, and Women’s Health NetWork
  • Second Round: Home-Based Mechanical Ventilation and Neuromuscular Disease and Practice Operations
  • Third Round: Home-Based Mechanical Ventilation and Neuromuscular Disease and Practice Operations


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