Are You Ready for CHEST 2018 in San Antonio, TX?

February 8, 2018 by Vanessa Claude

Have you been thinking about how great of a time you had at CHEST 2017? Or, perhaps you weren’t able to make it to CHEST 2017 and are looking forward to attending CHEST 2018? Well we’d be happy to have you attend the annual meeting in sunny, San Antonio, Texas this fall. CHEST 2018 will occur earlier this year, from October 6-10, and we’ve got a few ways you can get involved leading up to the meeting. Don’t forget to look out for CHEST 2018 registration, opening April 5.

Submit Abstracts and Case Reports

Do you have original investigative research to share? CHEST 2018 is the perfect place to share your research. Now through Friday, March 3, CHEST is accepting abstracts and case reports for presentation at this year’s annual meeting. Accepted abstracts and case reports (excluding clinical case puzzlers) will appear in an online supplement to the journal CHEST®.

Two types of abstracts will be considered:

  • Slide presentations
  • Poster presentations

Four types of case reports will be considered:

  • Fellow case reports
  • Medical student/resident case reports
  • Global case reports
  • Clinical case puzzlers

View complete submission information.

If you miss the first round of submissions, submissions for late breaking abstracts will be open April 30.

Case Report Graders and Moderators

If you do not have original research to share, but believe you are qualified to grade case reports or moderate sessions, we have opportunities for you, as well! Grading will be done online February 26 to March 16, and will take only a few hours of your time. Moderating will take place on-site in San Antonio, and moderators will be recognized in the CHEST 2018 program and will receive a reduced registration rate to the meeting.

View complete details.

CHEST Challenge 2018

Are you a US-based CHEST fellow-in-training? Compete with other programs across the country in CHEST Challenge 2018 for honor and prizes! The first round of the competition this year will consist of two parts; in addition to the traditional online quiz, there will be a number of social media challenges. The aggregate score for both of these components will be used to identify the top three-scoring teams. These top three teams will then be invited to send three fellows each to the CHEST Challenge Championship, a Jeopardy-style game show that takes place live during the CHEST Annual Meeting. For those based outside the US, competition will begin in May.

See the rules and how to participate.

Apply for CHEST Foundation Grants

We also have had many talented and passionate people win our CHEST Foundation grants in research and community service. Each year, the CHEST Foundation offers grants to worthy research candidates, generous community service volunteers, and distinguished scholars in a field of expertise. Nearly 800 recipients worldwide have received more than $10 million in support and recognition of outstanding contributions to chest medicine.

How will you help champion lung health? The CHEST Foundation is accepting grant applications starting February 1 through April 9, 2018 in the following areas:

  • CHEST Foundation Research Grant in Lung Cancer$50,000 – $100,000 2-year grant*
  • CHEST Foundation Research Grant in Asthma$15,000 – $30,000 1-year grant*
  • CHEST Foundation Research Grant in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension$25,000 – $50,000 1-year grant*
  • CHEST Foundation and the Alpha-1 Foundation Research Grant in Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency$25,000 – $50,000 1-year grant*
  • CHEST Foundation Research Grant in Pulmonary Fibrosis$25,000 – $50,000 1-year grant*
  • CHEST Foundation Research Grant in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease$30,000 1-year grant (multiple recipients selected)
  • CHEST Foundation Research Grant in Venous Thromboembolism$15,000 – $30,000 1-year grant*
  • CHEST Foundation Research Grant in Nontuberculous Mycobacteria Disease$25,000 – $50,000 1-year grant*
  • CHEST Foundation Research Grant in Women’s Lung Health$10,000 1-year grant
  • CHEST Foundation Research Grant in Cystic Fibrosis$30,000 1-year grant
  • The Eli Lilly and Company Distinguished Scholar in Critical Care Medicine – $150,000 over 3 years
  • CHEST Foundation Community Service Grant Honoring D. Robert McCaffree, MD, Master FCCP – $2,500- $15,000 1-year grant*

*Amount contingent on funding.

Learn more on how to apply now.

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