My CHEST 2017 Experience as a Fellow Written by John Bishara, DO

May 8, 2018 by CHEST Guest Writer

It was a very humbling and motivating experience attending CHEST as a sleep medicine fellow. As the Pediatric Chest Medicine NetWork fellow representative, I was able to interact with other members in my field about topics that are very important. I discussed hot topics that we face in practice not only with my pediatric medicine colleagues but with my adult sleep colleagues as well.

The CHEST conference itself was very rewarding with lecturers who are premier in their field. I met with Dr. Michael Nelson, the CHEST Foundation Immediate Past President & Trustee, who was very caring and endearing. We sat in the CHEST Donor Lounge and discussed my future, and he provided mentorship advice. He was very encouraging and tried to contact other CHEST members so that I may be more involved.

Bishara quote 1 Out of the entire CHEST conference, I really appreciated the CHEST Trainee Lounge most of all. It had a great mix of lectures for those fellows who are looking for their first job out of fellowship. Additionally, these lectures helped me optimize what I want out of a medical career. I was able to network more and really come out of my shy personality to discuss important topics I truly felt were necessary to ask.

It is quite unfortunate that not many more pediatric pulmonary doctors attended. This is one experience that I can take back to my NetWork and be motivated to spread the word that I encourage future conferences to have more pediatric involvement and attendance. I also am motivated with the help of Dr. Nelson to become more involved and join other NetWorks.

Bishara quote 2

All in all, I truly appreciated my experience at CHEST 2017. I am excited to help make CHEST 2018 better, and I’m inspired to help increase the pediatric medicine involvement, even if it is just to trainees. If I could contribute to the CHEST Annual Meeting experience, my goal would be to introduce more sessions involving pediatric pulmonology and pediatric sleep. Furthermore, I would like to create a simulation session for pediatric mechanical ventilation. With the help of the Pediatric Chest Medicine NetWork and the clinicians involved I believe this is possible. I am eager to assist and expand CHEST, because the CHEST Foundation was able to assist me in attending CHEST 2017.

John Bishara, DO is a pediatric pulmonary fellow-in-training,CHEST member, and member of thePediatric Chest Medicine NetWork. Dr. Bishara is also a 2017 CHEST Travel Grant recipient.

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