New 3-Hour Session at CHEST 2019: Bronchoscopy Survivor Challenge

October 11, 2019 by CHEST Guest Writer

It is critical for bronchoscopists and bronchoscopy staff to understand the cognitive and technical aspects of the procedures they perform. As serious complications can occur, being prepared with a management strategy in advance can be lifesaving.

Join us at CHEST Annual Meeting 2019 for Bronchoscopy Survivor Challenge, a brand-new simulation session. This course will be led by world-class interventional pulmonologists and educators, including Drs. Carla Lamb and Otis Rickman.

This session provides participants with hands-on opportunities with bronchoscopy simulators and real-life, case-based scenarios. Participants will perform pulmonary procedures and manage complications with close expert instruction to enable them to utilize bronchoscopy more effectively in their clinical practice. This is an excellent learning opportunity for pulmonologists, intensivists, thoracic surgeons, pulmonary and critical care fellows, critical care nurses, nurse practitioners, and respiratory therapists interested in basic and advanced diagnostic bronchoscopy.

We promise to increase your comfort level in handling bronchoscopic complications and to have fun in the process. A team-based approach will be used with prizes awarded for top team performances.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn bronchoscopic airway anatomy with CT scan correlations.
  2. Learn decision-making in bronchoscopy regarding when to stage the mediastinum and when/how to intervene on bronchoscopic complications.
  3. Learn special bronchoscopy maneuvers, including placement of endobronchial blockers and foreign object removal.
  4. Learn to manage iatrogenic pneumothoraxes caused by bronchoscopy.

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