Questions for the CHEST Challenge 2019 Finalists: The Ohio State University

October 12, 2019 by Kristin Crowe

The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 

Team Name: The Ohio State University 
Team Members: Elie Homsy, MD; Rachel Quaney, MD; Ryan Story, MD 
Program Director: Jennifer McCallister, MD, FCCP 

How did you prepare for this year’s CHEST Challenge finals? How many hours did you spend studying? 

This is Ohio State—we’re busy preparing for football season. 

Who do you think is your biggest competitor? 


If you could choose a team mascot, what would it be? 

Spider pig dressed in Brutus Buckeye’s costume.

If you could choose a team uniform, what would it be? 

Scrubs with a fleece vest.

What is your team cheer or theme song? Why? 

“Take My Breath Away” by Berlin…because we’re all about the lungs. 

If you win, how will you celebrate? 

Show New Orleans how to party.

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