Getting the Most Out of CHEST 2019: A Trainee’s Guide

October 14, 2019 by twilkinson

October 11, 2019 by Casey Cable, MD, MSc

Create connections and contacts
Have a plan
Engage in NetWorks
Social media
Trainee topics

The CHEST meeting is an exciting experience! However, it can be overwhelming as a resident or fellow. There are so many engaging events packed into just a few days. To make the most out of CHEST 2019 just remember “CHEST”: Create new connections by introducing yourself and networking, Have a plan in advance on which sessions and events you want to attend, Engage and become involved with NetWorks, be active on Social media, and take advantage of the specific Trainee topics.

Create Connections and Contacts

The CHEST meeting is a terrific opportunity to make connections and contacts who will serve you throughout your career. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to people in your field of interest or a speaker whose talk you enjoyed. I was a fellow the first time I introduced myself to Dr. Steven Simpson and was a little nervous then, but now he likes my posts on Twitter and waves to me at CHEST meetings!

Have a Plan

Figure out which sessions and events you want to attend in advance. Download the CHEST – Events app a few days beforehand. You can make your own schedule of sessions that interest you. This makes it easy to know exactly what is happening next and which room it is in. The Trainee Work Group has a great list of recommended high-yield sessions for trainees that you should also consult. The popular sessions can fill up fast, so plan to arrive early to get a seat; otherwise, there is always plenty of overflow seating.

Engage in NetWorks

Attend a NetWork meeting that interests you (there are 22 different special interest groups!); you are allowed to attend and they enjoy having fellows there. The NetWorks Mixer and CHEST Challenge Championship are also a blast and should not be missed. Do not forget to RSVP to the CHEST Foundation Young Professionals Reception. This is a fun opportunity to mingle with fellow trainees. CHEST involvement starts while you are a resident and fellow!

Social Media

Being active on social media can enhance your CHEST meeting experience even more—options to engage include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can stay connected with the most updated information on what is happening at the meeting as well as share your meeting experiences with others.

Trainee Topics

Trainees are the future of CHEST, and CHEST is committed to their success. The Trainee Lounge has wonderful and extremely informative sessions tailored to trainees (eg, contract negotiations, community or academic medicine, imposter syndrome). Plus, it is a great place to have a seat (which can be hard to find at CHEST) and recharge yourself and your phone between sessions and events.

Now go enjoy and get the most out of CHEST 2019!