2019 CHEST Award Winners

December 13, 2019 by Katlyn Campbell

The American College of Chest Physicians would like to extend congratulations to its 2019 award winners:

CHEST 2019 Awards

  • Distinguished Service Award – Doreen Addrizzo-Harris, MD, FCCP
  • Master FCCP – Darcy Marciniuk, MD, Master FCCP
  • Early Career Clinician Educator – Cassie Kennedy, MD, FCCP, and Paru Patrawalla, MD, FCCP
  • Master Clinician Educator – Eric Edell, MD, FCCP
  • Presidential Citation – Lawrence Mohr, Jr, MD, FCCP
  • Alfred Soffer Award for Editorial Excellence – Richard Irwin, MD, Master FCCP

2019 Honor and Memorial Awards Committee Selections

  • Thomas L. Petty, MD, Master FCCP Memorial Lecture – Shahrokh Javaheri, MD, FCCP
  • Margaret Pfrommer Endowed Memorial Lecture in Home-based Mechanical Ventilation – Howard Panitch, MD, FCCP
  • Distinguished Scientist Honor Lecture in Cardiopulmonary Physiology – Eduardo Bossone, MD, PhD, FCCP
  • Pasquale Ciaglia Memorial Lecture in Interventional Medicine – Pyng Lee, MD, PhD
  • Roger C. Bone Memorial Lecture in Critical Care – Mitchel Levy, MD
  • Edward C. Rosenow III, MD, Master FCCP/Master Teacher Honor Lecture – James Jett, MD, FCCP
  • Presidential Honor Lecture – Andrew Limper, MD, FCCP
  • Murray Kornfeld Memorial Founders Lecture – Diane Stover, MD, FCCP
  • Om P. Sharma, MD, Master FCCP Memorial Lecture – Michael Iannuzzi, MD, FCCP
  • Mark J. Rosen, MD, Master FCCP Memorial Lecture – Lisa Moores, MD, FCCP

Alfred Soffer Research Award Winners

This award is named in honor of Dr. Alfred Soffer, Master Fellow of the College, Editor in Chief of the journal CHEST® from 1968 to 1993, and Executive Director for CHEST from 1969 to 1992.

  • Johnathan Chung – Evaluating Clinical Utility of a UIP Genomic Classifier in Subjects With and Without a HRCT Pattern of UIP
  • Girish Nair, MD – Quantitative Lung Function Imaging Using Novel Integrated Jacobian Ventilation Method in a Healthy Cohort With No Respiratory Symptoms

Young Investigator Award Winners

The Young Investigator Award is open to CHEST abstract presenters enrolled in a training or a fellowship program or who have completed a fellowship program within 5 years prior to CHEST 2019. Semifinalists were evaluated on the basis of their written abstract and their presentation at CHEST 2019.

  • Marvi Bikak, MD – Application of Markov Modeling to Assess Outcomes in COPD
  • Arunima Bera, MD – Soluble Intracelluar Adhesion Molecule-1 (ICAM-1) Predicts Mortality in Children With ARDS and Sepsis

Top Abstract Poster Winners

  • Rachel Naramore
  • Runner-up: Arjun Srinivasan

Case Report Slide Winners

  • Fellows Interesting Presentations of Infectious Diseases: Catherine A. Gao, MD
  • Fellows Pulmonary Pathology: Sangita Goel, MD
  • Medical Student/Resident Diffuse Lung Disease: Matthew Lyons, MD
  • Fellows Clinical Conundrums in ECMO: Sarika Savajiyani, DO
  • Medical Student/Resident Pulmonary Pathology: Chase A. Baxter, DO
  • Fellows Bronchoscopic Procedures: Jason Low, MBBS
  • Fellows Plasmapheresis to the Rescue: Jacob Hupp, MD
  • Fellows Disorders of the Pleura: Nichole A. Smith
  • Fellows Chest Infections: Find the Fungus: Ritu Modi, MD
  • Medical Student/Resident Lung Cancer: Unusual Presentations: Ly Tran, DO
  • Medical Student/Resident Pulmonary Pathology II: Abdelhamid Ben Selma, MD
  • Fellows Pulmonary Manifestations of Systemic Disease: Dhaval Thakkar, MD
  • Fellows Pulmonary Vascular Disease: Isaac N. Biney, MBChB
  • Tie in Medical Student/Resident Cardiovascular Cases
    • José Antonio J. Meade Aguilar
    • Abigayle  R. Sullivan, DO
  • Fellows Unusual Cases and Treatments in the ICU: Yameena T. Jawed
  • Medical Student/Resident Lung Cancer: Expect the Unexpected: Rahul Dasgupta, MD
  • Fellows Diffuse Lung Diseases: Akshay Bhatnagar, MD
  • Medical Student/Resident Critical Care Complications: Kathleen Twomey, MD
  • Medical Student/Resident Critical Care Devices: Jennifer Sunny, DO
  • Fellows Lung Cancer: Hafiz B. Mahboob, MD
  • Tie in Fellows Chest Infections:
    • Andrew DeMaio, MD
    • Joanna  M. Scoon
  • Medical Student/Resident Pulmonary Vascular Disease: Danielle El Haddad, MD
  • Medical Student/Resident Pulmonary Manifestations of Systemic Disease: John Shumar, DO

Case Report Poster Winners

  • Jad Sargi, MD
  • Ankur Sinha, MBBS
  • Carla Emille D. Barbon, MD
  • Hope F. Johnson, RRT     
  • Humna Abid Memon, MD
  • Jordanna Hostler, MD, FCCP
  • Zahra Zia, MD, MBBS      
  • Brooke A. McDonald        
  • Mary E. Richert, MD
  • Shiva M. Arjun, MD
  • Harshwant Grover, MD    
  • Neha Agarwal, MD

CHEST Challenge Winners

First Place: The Ohio State University
Program Director: Jennifer McCallister, MD, FCCP

  • Elie Homsy, MD
  • Rachel Quaney, MD
  • Ryan Story, MD

Second Place: Walter Reed National Military Center
Program Director: Aaron Holley, MD, FCCP

  • Jeannette Collins, MD
  • Ian Grasso, MD
  • Arthur Holtzcalw, MD

Third Place: Maimonides Medical Center
Program Directors: Yizhek Kupfer, MD, and Stephan Kamholz, MD, FCCP

  • Sushil Gupta, MBBS
  • Ankur Sinha, MD
  • Vignesh Ponnusamy, MD

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