A letter from CHEST 2020 Program Chair Victor Test, MD, FCCP

September 23, 2020 by twilkinson


Victor Test, MD, FCCP

As the Program Chair of CHEST Annual Meeting 2020, I’m excited to finally share the good news with all of you – our premiere educational event, CHEST 2020, will be taking place October 18-21! As you might have guessed, we’re migrating the meeting onto a virtual platform – not only will this change ensure your safety, it will enable so many more of you to attend. Colleagues who may have been excluded due to geographical restrictions in the past will now have the opportunity to experience all that we have to offer!

As always, we’ll be bringing you the latest, most relevant clinical topics in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine. From COVID-19 to cultural diversity, we’ve carefully curated sessions to explore the issues that you want to learn about. Not to mention, our speakers are all experts in their field – at the forefront of the pandemic – and will bring a level of knowledge and insight to the meeting that is truly unparalleled.  Afterall, that’s what our annual meeting is known for. Regardless of where or how it is taking place, it’s still “the very best of CHEST.”

Other highlights will include over 88 live sessions, including panel and case-based discussions, original investigation presentations with new, unpublished research, and CHEST Games.

Of course, we will have several networking opportunities where you will be able to connect with so many more of your colleagues because of the virtual nature of the meeting. While you may be sitting worlds apart, you’ll be socializing in an intimate online space.

While this isn’t exactly what we imagined for our meeting, it’s what we had to reimagine. Sometimes being pushed out of your comfort zone can lead to something extraordinary, and, in this instance, we think it did.

In closing, I’d like to acknowledge how challenging these past several months have been. For all the long hours, the time spent away from family, and the stress that continues to pile on – this is your chance to unplug and unwind.

We all need an event to look forward to right now, and at CHEST, we’ve worked hard to bring you one. I hope you’ll visit chestmeeting.chestnet.org to register for CHEST 2020.


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Victor Test, MD, FCCP