Call for Topics

Ensure a relevant education program in clinical chest medicine by submitting a topic in the areas of pulmonary infections in the global arena; critical care management; sleep medicine; healthcare, team-based presentations; or health-care systems and their impacts on clinical practice, leadership development, and other clinical areas. 

Priority for selection will be given to outstanding submissions that promote diversity (age, gender, geography, institution, professional, ethnic, and cultural).

You may create your own or choose from the following submission formats:

  • Case-based discussion
  • Plenary presentation
  • Pro-con debate or other panel discussion
  • Interdisciplinary/interprofessional programs
  • Postgraduate course
  • Game and/or interactive stand-alone learning exhibit

Submit by December 2, 2019.

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Key Dates:

December 2, 2019: submission deadline
December 2019 – January 2020: Peer review – national experts and clinicians do on-line grading
February 2020: Executive Program Committee meets in person to review
By March 27, 2020: Submitters are notified of Program Committee decisions