CHEST Challenge India

CHEST Challenge India 2020

CHEST Challenge India is now open for enrollment.

NOTE: The online quiz will be open on August 25.

CHEST Challenge India is a fun, educational event designed to enhance fellows’ involvement in the American College of Chest Physicians® (CHEST) and the CHEST Annual Meeting. Each year, physicians from India are invited to take a multiple-choice online quiz, testing their knowledge of pulmonary medicine.

Recognition of winners will be done through an unrestricted educational grant by Cipla.

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  • Top 50 individuals receive one-year basic e-membership
  • Top 20 individuals receive one-year basic e-membership PLUS access to one online SEEK library
  • Top 2 individuals receive one-year basic e-membership PLUS access to one online SEEK library PLUS complimentary registration to the CHEST 2020 Annual Meeting. 


  1. Decisions of the CHEST Challenge judges are FINAL in all disputes.
  2. Players must currently be physicians-in-training.
  3. Players will not be allowed to take the exam more than once.
  4. Players will not be allowed to go back while taking the test.
  5. An unanswered or skipped question will be counted as an incorrect answer.
  6. Players will have a maximum of 60 minutes to answer 20 questions.
  7. Test should be taken individually without any assistance (books, Internet, additional persons or any other forms of help are prohibited during the taking of the test). Statistical methods are used to confirm fair play.
  8. Each program’s director is responsible for encouraging rules compliance.
  9. Scores will be determined based on the number of correct questions and the amount of time used.
  10. In the rare event of an absolute numerical score and time tie, winner will be randomly selected.
  11. If a team or player defaults, the next best team or player will be offered the prize.
  12. All scores are confidential. No one else—not even your program director—will get the results.

CHEST does not authorize any copying, reproduction, disclosing, or otherwise sharing of any CHEST Challenge questions or related content.