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PETAL Network: 2020 Progress Report

In 2014, NHLBI launched the PETAL Network (Prevention and Early Treatment of Acute Lung Injury) high-impact clinical trials in ARDS through collaboration between critical care and emergency medicine. The Network’s first two trials were completed in 2018. The ROSE trial results were highlighted in our symposium at CHEST 2019, and the VIOLET trial results will be highlighted in this session. In addition...

Tele-healthcare in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine – Current and Future Practice

Tele-medicine is rapidly being integrated into routine practice. Workforce limitations, geographic challenges, and advances in technology have resulted in widespread application and acceptance of Tele-ICU provision of critical care - what have we learned about its benefits and downsides after two decades of this practice? Tele-medicine in the ambulatory setting is headed in the same direction. Technology and public policy are converging to open the arena of...

Advanced Pulmonary Sarcoidosis: Closing the Gap to Better Management

Advanced pulmonary sarcoidosis (APS) occurs in approximately 5% of sarcoidosis patients, and it accounts for most of the mortality, morbidity, and healthcare use. New and emerging advances can aid clinicians in managing the complications and pathophysiologic processes of APS. These include the use of inflammatory markers, new insights into sarcoidosis-associated pulmonary fibrosis and pulmonary hypertension, infectious complications, and lung transplantation. APS would be presented with a focus on gaps in...

Simulation: Acute Respiratory Failure in COVID-19 Patient

This session will focus on the understanding and management of acute respiratory failure in the patient with COVID-19-related acute respiratory failure. Prerecorded clinical simulation scenarios will be presented and stopped for live polling of the audience for next steps in clinical decision-making. The faculty panel will provide clinical input along the way to augment the various approaches and options available for a live and interactive discussion. This will be followed...

Pardon the Interruption 2020: Controversies in Critical Care

Modeled after the ESPN show of the same name, these sessions, which continue a 2-year tradition, involve having three faculty experts debate in rapid fire fashion between 10 and 15 topics during the hour-long session. All panelists are provided with the list of topics in advance, so they are prepared to deliver the maximum amount of relevant information as concisely as possible. Note that this request is for THREE hour-long sessions, one on each of three consecutive days (two playoff rounds, one final round). Three debaters per...

Treatment of Severe Asthma: Updates from the Guidelines, Part 1

Asthma is the most common chronic respiratory disease, resulting in $15 billion in healthcare expenditures per year. Recent advances in asthma therapy have included several biologic agents that modify Th2 inflammation. The European Respiratory Society (ERS), in conjunction with the American Thoracic Society (ATS), recently completed guidelines for severe asthma. We will discuss the...

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