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Pleural Controversies

Primary spontaneous pneumothorax carries a high recurrence rate and 80% of individuals with PSP has HRCT evidence of emphysema-like changes. This session looks at the controversy surrounding the need to pleurodese at first presentation of PSP. Pleural infection carries with it a high mortality rate if there is no timely intervention. This session looks at...

Pleural Space Infections in 2020: The Need for a Multidisciplinary, Integrative Approach.

The landscape of pleural diseases in general, and pleural space infections (PSI) specifically, has dramatically changed in the past decade following the publication of landmark clincial trials. While the need for surgery is decreasing in the face of effective intrapleural therapy, the need for a dynamic interactive approach early in the course of the disease is inreasingly recognized as being paramount in improving patients oucomes. Pleural teams have...

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