Press Room

Press List

We are unable to share our list of registered media for CHEST ​2019 or any previous CHEST events.

Embargo Policy

All scientific information presented at CHEST 2019, including abstracts, posters, case reports, and special presentations, is embargoed until 12:01 am CT, October 14,​ unless otherwise noted. In some cases, a scientist presenting data that are soon to be published may be unable to provide additional information because of constraints imposed by the publisher. In these instances, we can help identify and arrange interviews with independent experts on the subject.

Registration and Eligibility

All sessions at CHEST 2019 are open to the press, which includes representatives of print, broadcast, and Internet media.

If you are working for a medical publishing company, you must have appropriate press credentials (eg, proof of an editorial assignment) to register, and the publication must have:

  • Multiple sponsors (no single-sponsor publications)
  • Complete editorial freedom from sponsors

If you are working for online media outlets and blogs, you must represent a news-making organization that:

  • Provides original, editorial news coverage
  • Keeps editorial content independent of advertising and sponsorship
  • Clearly identifies advertising on the site
  • Clearly identifies sponsors of the site (should be multiple sponsors—no single-sponsored sites)

You must wear your CHEST 2019 badge during sessions and/or when covering events.

No more than two individuals representing any news organization will be permitted to register as press for CHEST 2019 unless granted special permission.

Press registrants are not eligible to attend sessions and claim CME or CEU. To claim CME or CEU, you must register as an attendee.

We reserve the right to bar any journalist from this and future meetings who deliberately promotes the viewpoint of one company or institution or who attempts to solicit manuscripts, advertising, or subscriptions from registrants or exhibitors.

Those who would like to register as press onsite can do so at the registration desk at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.

Public Relations, Corporate Representatives, and Exhibitors

Exhibitors and industry representatives, health/academic institutions, communications/public relations firms, medical education organizations, or companies producing print or electronic materials for these purposes are not permitted to register as press and are not permitted in the press room. Members of news/publishing organizations hosting or organizing CHEST 2019 morning educational symposia or evening promotional events are not permitted to register as press. Advertising sales representatives, public relations and marketing professionals, publishers, and others must register and pay the required fee regardless of affiliation with a journalism organization.

Photographers or camera crews hired by company/institution representatives or exhibitors must obtain permission to conduct on-site photo or video shoots.

Press Room Materials

An area in the press room will be designated for non-CHEST news releases. Materials must first be approved and must pertain to research presented at the meeting.

  • Industry/public relations representatives are responsible for the delivery of press materials to the press room. Material that has not been collected by the end of press room hours will be discarded.
  • Please refer to us as American College of Chest Physicians® (CHEST) on first reference and CHEST thereafter. If you are referencing the meeting, the official title is CHEST Annual Meeting 2019.
  • If you are referencing the journal, please use “the journal CHEST®” or “the CHEST® journal”.
  • We reserve the right to refuse placement of any non-CHEST press materials.
  • Media events or news briefings not organized by CHEST are not permitted during meeting hours or in meeting areas. Satellite press events are not permitted during meeting hours.

We reserve the right to bar or remove guests of briefing participants who engage in promotional discussion outside the spirit of scientific exchange during the briefing.